TAKUAN – Japanese pickled daikon





Pickled daikon or white radish, commonly known as Takuan, so named after a young Rinzai sect Zen priest called Takuan Soho in the 16th century is a popular accompaniment served with rice dishes. The daikon are grown all over rural Japan, seeded in late summer and harvested in the beginning of winter, then hung to dry in the late sun before being buried  in seasoned rice bran for 2 -3 months. They are then washed and sliced and are crisp yet moist to the mouth and cheer up any dinner table. Certainly a great example of food preservation over the lean winter months and can last the whole year out.


hung out to dry


THE INGREDIENTS for the pickle are as follows:

rice bran, salt, dried kombu seaweed. persimmon peel and sliced chilli.img_3041


The daikon are then laid into a watertight cask and covered liberally with the seasoned bran, then the leaves, then repeated with another layer and so on.




once complete, a lid is placed over and a  hefty stone weight thrown on top for good measure.



then sealed and stored in a cool dark place.img_3052

See you in March sometime!!


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